Welcome to my (another) blog! It is created with Jekyll and Minimal Mistakes theme.

For the last twenty years, I have tried various other solutions - Jogger, Plone, Django CMS, Ghost, Tumblr, Medium - but at this moment, now I need something very simple and easy to maintain. Generating content from clean Markdown files is a semantic dream.

About myself, I am a techie guy in his 40s. I used to do some packages for Debian, running public server XMPP for over twenty years, advocating multimonitor solution with Xinerama in end of 90s, and some other crazy stuff.

Currently I work for big companies mostly, sharing my expertise in various areas like DevOps, Development, Architecture and Leadership.

Recently I have decided to start sharing my Open Source and art/multimedia passion on YouTube so you can find some more content there: Devcarpet

My older blogs: