Static site generator using with the help of Jekyll and Headless CMS Strapi 4, following the Jamstack principles and the architecture. You can read more about Jamstack here:

Creating field in Strapi Adding the content in Strapi Generated website with basic theme
Strapi 4 gallery and generated simply website.

Since my professional experience with Plone, I have become a fan of CMS solutions. A few years ago, when the new headless trend have been born - I chose Strapi as my main solution in this domain. In 2022 I was checking available static site generators to work with Strapi, and I found one using Jekyll. I liked the idea, but the plugin was in poor condition - not updated to the latest version of Strapi, not supporting authentication, not allowing to pull the media files, etc.

I did a few weeks of Ruby work, I provided solid Pull Request and some time after I received ownership of the main Github repo of the project.

List of the main features which I provided for the plugin:

  • Update for version 4 of the plugin
  • Authentication
  • Support for the media files
  • Unit tests for the development

I wrote a starter article which you can find on Dev.To but also on Medium.