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Data loss can be painful. And I think everyone has experienced it at least once. Recently It happened to me - my SDCARD reader, which I use to transfer photos from my Canon R7, reformated my card rendering all RAW and JPG disappeared.

I had previous experience with Data Recovery, so I was not really afraid. I launched Photorec, my Swiss Army tool, to get the data back. I quickly learned that the recent format CRAW used in Canon R7 is not supported yet. Well.

I have decided not to give up and keep reading about the internals of Photorec. I found this - how to add your own extensions to Photorec - to learn that I need to find a place where a file starts.

I launched the hex editor, and I did start to compare other CRAW files created with Canon R7. And I found this string:

cr3 0 0x000000186674797063727820000000016372782069736f6d0000

I created a special file photorec.sig, started Photorec again, and had my files back!

I recorded also a mini tutorial which you can watch in a multimedia way, enjoy: