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I used to do hobbyists game development for some years, some of the projects can be found on the Devcarpet page, with my two favorites - Deer Portal and Deer Shifter - the second one have been developed for the Game Jam Ludum Dare. image tooltip here I am also a gamer, and recently I have been playing a bit of Stardew Valley. It inspired me to come up with a new project. I have checked the current development status of Godot Engine - it seems that beta 6 has been released, and I have decided to use this one.

I have purchased also several tiles and sprite collections during the last decade - mostly on Humble Bumble sales.

For the VCS I chose Gogs hosted on my Raspberry Pi at home. It provides me Git functionality, simply Wiki and the Issues for the project. Perfect bare bone minimmum.

Right now I am reading about new features in Godot 4, but also reminded of how to work with TileMap and TileSets.

Winter is coming, let’s see.